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2. Theatre. A New Opera for the second time here. Mr. Philipps's Last Night but Two. Monday Evening, March 4, 1822, Will be produced, a new Comic Opera, (second time here) called the Barber of Seville. Translated from the Italian. The Original Music by Rossini. Adapted to the English Stage, (with a new Overture) by Mr. Bishop, with additions by Mr. Philipps -- and performed in London, Dublin and New York, with unbounded applause. The Opera produced under the immediate direction of Mr. Philipps. Count Almiviva, Mr. Philipps, In which Character he will introduce the Ballad of 'The Soldier's Bride;' Pomposo, or a Receipt for an Italian Song, (a Mock Bravura)--and the Cavatina, by Bishop, 'Love Has Eyes.' Doctor Bartolo, Mr. Burke. ... : After which the Melo-Drama of Ella Rosenberg. Written by the Author of Raising the Wind, the World, Turn Out, &c. The Elector, Mr. Wheatly. ...

3. Philadelphia Theatre. The Doors open at a quarter before 6, and the Curtain rises at a quarter before 7 o'clock, precisely. Second Night of Superstition. The new Play of Superstition was received with the most flattering approbation, and will be repeated This Evening. Wednesday Evening, March 17, 1824, Will be presented a New Serious Dramatic Tale, of the 17th Century, called Superstition; Or, The Fanatic Father. Founded on interesting events in the History of New England. Written by a Gentleman of this City. Sir Reginald Egerton, Mr. Warren. ... : After which, the Comic Opera of The Prize; Or, 2, 5, 3, 8. Doctor Lenitive, Mr. Jefferson. ...