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3. To the rescue The state invaded!: The state capital your own homes, and property in danger. The rebels advancing in force and near Harrisburg. Freemen rally! The governor of Pennsylvania has issued a proclamation for 60,000 men, to be mustered in the state service for ninety days unless sooner discharged to drive the marauders from the state. Your county calls; let every man do his duty and shoulder his musket. There is no time for political quarrels now, let us all unite on the grand platform; our state must not be invaded. The following dispatch has been received from Adj't Gen. Russell: Harrisburg, June 28th, 1863. Under the governor's proclamation of to-day the quota for Lehigh County after deducting men mustered in for six months or emergency is nine hundred and seventy men. Communicate this to leading citizens and have it announced in your churches. A.L. Russel, Adj't General Penna. Allentown, June 28, 1863

5. Fall in, Company F, Cameron Light Guard Regiment, Col. G.P. M'Lean: The undersigned, recruiting to full Company F in the above regiment, have opened their head quarters at the Lyceum Hall, in Port Providence. This regiment has been accepted by the War Department, without the intervention of the state authorities, thereby ensuring it all the benefits of the regular service, and will undoubtedly be filled soon. It is commanded by officers well known as skilful leaders, armed with the most approved style of arms, and equipped in the most thorough manner. Those desirous of joining the above company must apply soon. As soon as enrolled, recruits will be sent to the camp on the banks of the Wissahickon

6. To arms! To arms!: Rally to the defence of your state. The invader is at your doors; it is therefore the duty of all freeman [sic] to come forth and hurl him back from your fair state. Let no one say he stood calmly by and saw the Old Keystone polluted without throwing himself in the breach. Wanted good men to fill up the Ninth Pa. Militia! Col. John Newkumet, for 90 days' service, unless sooner discharged. The city has appropriated $10 for the equipping of each man, and $20 for the company's expenses. General head-quarters, City Armory, Broad & Race Sts

9. Moral, amusing and instructive! Farnum School, Beverly for two nights only: Thursday and Friday, May 12th and 13th, 1864. 2 exhibitions combined The original and magnificent collection of dioptric paintings ... Incomprehensible transmigrations or, The changing menagerie--followed by a rare and unsurpassed collection of dioptric paintings! ... To close the dioptric paintings will be introduced some magnificent changes with the chromatrope. Mr. Gallagher the celebrated humorist, will introduce a scene in ventriloquism ... Imitations will be given of children crying, insects, &c., also a most amusing scene with a small automaton figure, Little Bobby, ... In order to give all an opportunity of witnessing the above beautiful entertainment, the proprietor has reduced the admission to the merely nominal price of fifteen cents each. Doors open at 7 o'clock. To commence at 8 o'clock