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2. A Grand concert! of vocal and insturmental music: to be held at the Assembly Buildings for the benefit of the widow of the late Prof. John A. Janke on which occasion a number of ladies and gentlemen will appear, all having in the kindest manner volunteered their services. Mr. J. Cochran has kindly loaned one of his Ihlseng & Naivesen [sic] pianos, from the wareroom, No. 830 Walnut St. Conductor Mr. Quayle Pianist Prof. W.A. Newland ... Tickets, 25 cents Doors open at 7 o'clock. To commence quarter before 8

3. City Hall Positively 1 night only Monday evening, April 18: Harris & Smith's Minstrel Troupe and Brass Band! 18 star performers, the most perfect minstrel organization now traveling, consisting of the following powerful array of talent, never before concentrated in a similar entertainment ... Comic quartet! ... What is that? ... Les Miserables! ... Codfish musketeer! ... Essence of Ole Virginny ... The whole to conclude with Dan Emmet's latest walk-a-round, How are you greenbacks! by the entire company. Admission, 25 cents. Reserved seats, 50 cents Doors open at 7. Performance to commence at 8. Balcony serenade every evening, previous to the opening of the doors, by the brass band attached to the troupe, led by Prof. Hosfeldt

4. Sanford's new Opera House Race Street, between Second & Third: the temple of minstrelsy in which are given chaste and drawing-room amusements, by Sanford's Opera Troupe! comprising a combination of vocalists, musicians, comedians & artists of the highest order of merit! The convenient locality of this elegant institution, (being accessible by city passenger cars,) recommends itself to every citizen and stranger. Music, song and poetry is the theme for all, and in the manner presented by Sanford, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers may attend and enjoy a treat free from all that could offend the most fastidious. ... Thursday evening, Dec. 8th, 1864. ... Programme. ... Der Deitcher's dog, ... After which a burlesque scene on East Lynne. ... To conclude with T.D. Rice's farce of The Virginia mummy ... Monday next, the wonder of the world, Nino Eddie, the infant Blondin. Cards of admission, 25 cents Orchestra seats, 50 cts Private boxes, dress circle, $5 Private boxes, family circle, $4 & $3 Office will be open from 9 to 2 o'clock, for the sale of secured seats and boxes, without extra charge. Doors open at quarter before 7 o'clock. To commence quarter before 8

5. Sanford's new Opera House Race Street, between Second & Third: Thursday evening, Dec'r 29th, 1864, immense success of the holiday pantomime!! Ladies and their children out en masse. Children will be admitted during the holidays, with their parents, at 15 cts. Programme. ... That's my boy. ... To conclude with the grand fairy operatic pantomime of Cinderella! or, The harlequin prince. ... Cards of admission, 25 cents Orchestra seats, 50 cts Private boxes, dress circle, $5 Private boxes, family circle, $4 & $3 Office will be open from 9 to 2 o'clock, for the sale of secured seats and boxes, without extra charge. Doors open at quarter before 7 o'clock. To commence quarter before 8 Second day performance Monday, January 2d, 1865, order of the day--The pantomime of Cinderella will be performed at 10 o'clock, A.M., especially for the poor, who are unable to spend their money for amusements. A few reserved seats for those who wish to pay. The proceeds to be devoted to the poor. Immediately after this performance, 2000 loaves of fresh hot bread! will be distributed to the poor. A grand extra afternoon performance, half-past 2 o'clock, when the minstrels will perform and the pantomime will be presented

6. Sanford's new Opera House Race Street, above Second. Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13th & 14th, 1865: Funston's great art wonder of the age. Change of views each evening! The new stereoscopian! which has produced an unparalleled sensation in San Francisco, Stockton, Sacramento, Marysville and Nevada Territory! The stereoscopian is a new and elaborate apparatus, combining the highest triumphs of optical and chemical science, by which photographic views from nature are displayed on canvass in vast dimensions with a powerful Drummond light and illustrating, with astonishing brilliancy, incidents in the present Rebellion ... Beautiful statuary! ... landscape scenery, ... Professor Hullfish will describe each view as it is presented. Admission, 25 cents. Children, 15 cents Reserved seats, 50 cents. Doors open at quarter before 7 o'clock. Commence at quarter before 8 Any person wishing a repetition of any view previously exhibited, will be gratified by leaving word at the office during the day

7. Stewart's New Apollo Music Hall!: 609 Chestnut Street, and 608, 610 and 612 Jayne Street, (entrance on Chestnut Street.) J.C. Stewart, sole proprietor Fred Shaw, stage manager Prof. Knoth, musical director First week of the favorite danseuse and vocalist, Miss Lizzie Ellsworth Brilliant success of Miss Carrie Leon, Miss Sallie Collins, Miss Kate Brooks, Miss Susie Forrester, M'lle Henrietta, Miss Cassie Howard, Miss A. Francis, Miss Ida May, Miss V. Leonard, in conjuntion with the great Apollo Star Co. Triumphant success of the great female minstrel scene, from "Three fast men." ... School in an uproar! ... Grecian statues! ... The whole to conclude with the Irish interlude, entitled O'Flanigan at the fair ... Prices of admission. Parquet, 15 cts Orchestra seats, 25 " Private boxes, $5 00 Seat in do. 50 cts Doors open at 7. Commence quarter to 8

8. Washington Hall South-West corner of Eighth and Spring Garden Streets: Stage manager, B. Rose Musical director, C. Renz Pianist, T. Harrison Grand complimentary benefit to C.H. Hamilton and W. Wallace on Monday evening, April 20th, 1863. The following named talent have kindly volunteered their services: The old Philadelphia favorite, Dan Gardner, clown and comic singer. Miss Eliza and Minnie Gardner, the little fairies. The Polish Brothers, the great acrobats. Mr. Wambold, the boneless wonder. J.W. Sharpless, Tony De Costa, Harlande Brothers, in their daring feats on the trapese. J. Reece, comic singer and comedian. J. Forbes, excelsior banjo player. Ben Yeager and S. Lane, great jig dancers. Prof. Wagner, magician, (his first appearance in two years.) F. Anthony and W. Archibald, two comedians. N. Barth versatile performer and J. Lynch, wonder drum solo. Last, though not least, the renowned Rose and Burr Opera Troupe ... The whole to conclude with the White-wash army! ... Admission, 25 cents Doors open at quarter to 7 o'clock. To commence at half-past 7. Fronts seats reserved for ladies. Gentlemanly ushers in attendance N.B.--During the evening, a beautiful steel engraving, with frame, will be presented to the association disposing of the largest number of tickets

9. Greer's Hall. Positively the last night!: Carncross and Dixey's Minstrels the star troupe of the world! In their great Ethiopian soirees Entire change of programme! New novelties, burlesques, &c. This Tuesday evening, June 30, 1863. ... Burlesque monster concert a la Germania. ... The vultures! ... The financiers ... The Peaked Family of bell ringers! ... Ten-pin Johnny! ... To conclude with the plantation walk-around, entitled The black brigade by the full company. Admission, twenty-five cents Doors open at quarter-past 7 o'clock. Performance commence at 8

10. Institute Hall, Wilmington for one night only. Sanford's Opera Troupe: This far-famed Philadelphia institution will appear at the above hall, on Saturday evening, Nov'r 12th, 1864, the whole under the immediate direction of Samuel S. Sanford! proprietor and manager, (of Sanford's Opera Houses, Philadelphia and Harrisburg.) The company: as presented on this occasion, is far superior to any ever offered to the public, giving more novelties than heretofore, among which are The exempts--Les miserables--The ghost! and other rare and attractive acts, as only done by Sanford's Troupe. ... Admission to all parts of the hall, 50 cents Children, with their parents, 25 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Commence quarter before 8